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About me

Full-Stack Developer, based in Australia

Who am I?

Few years ago, I decided to pursue my passion for IT and decided to finish my studies. After that, it has been a roller coaster in terms of learning, opportunities, amazing colleagues,friends and mentors that helped me improve so much.

I am glad that I took that decision, and I want to keep pushing forward to gain more experience and achieve my goals. My area of focus lies in back-end development using cloud technologies and DevOps mentality.

That doesn't mean that I'm not able to use front-end technologies. This website was created using Gatsby, GraphQL and styled-components.

I enjoy developing new products and improving the quality of existing ones, working in teams to iterate and improve the experiences that reach business goals.

  • JS / TS
  • Node.js
  • Golang
  • Docker
  • Redis
  • RabbitMQ
  • AWS / GCP
  • Terraform

My Resume

My path up to date.


Nano Degree - Cloud Developer

Specialised as Cloud Developer using AWS to develop and deploy apps leveraging microservices, Kubernetes clusters, and serverless application technology.

Bachelor of IT - Mobile Apps
2017 - 2019

Developed various applications using the latest technologies for Web and Mobile for clients and companies achieving great results and exeeding expectation.


CitrusAd - Software Engineer
2022 - 2023

Built from scratch a system to facilitate communication between retailers and suppliers and for the creation of brand pages. This system was built using NestJS, PostgreSQL, Redis, and Okta (auth). The infrastructure for the system was written with Terraform to create a template for easy deployment in other environments. Also built a system using Golang, Gin, Redis and PostgreSQL to process a large quantity of information and return a quick response based on the query.

Bandyer (now Kaleyra) - Backend Developer
2020 - 2022

Built multiple backend systems using new technologies and rewrote legacy code. Constant collaboration between me and frontend, mobile apps, and design teams to achieve the best solutions through iterations. Specifically: built a decentralized auth system to use for all internal products using NodeJS, TS, RabbitMQ, Redis, Docker and Kubernetes, built a chat service from scratch using NodeJS and TS, Socket.IO, Redis, RabbitMQ, DynamoDB, AWS and GitlabCI for CI/CD, built a labda system to receive updates for Smart glasses (google) using the Serverless framework, rewrote 90% of the central legacy system updating connection with other services using new technologies and splitting into microservices.

NOMIT - Full Stack Developer
2018 - 2020

Collaborated with a team of 4 people in the development of multiple API using NodeJS and Progressive Web Application (PWA) using AngularJS. Managed to create a product from scratch called WISP (Working-holiday & International Student Internship Platform) which is a website with a mobile application that helps temporary visa holders to find internships with Australia based companies as a first step for job connections.

LIFX - Cloud Developer

Cooperated with a team of 5 people in developing and hardening all API using Go Programming Language. Created an automated testing tool to help find bugs in all API which facilitate the company in cutting down the time for testing. Write clean and reusable code to achieve easy testing and deployment.

My Portfolio

Here's some of my latest work.


Super fast, performant and beautiful portfolio website

  • Gatsby
  • GraphQL
  • Styled Components

More Projects

Here's more projects.

CRWN Clothing

An e-commerce website blazing fast and responsive.

  • React
  • Redux
  • Stripe API

Get Me There

A mobile app that gives public transport info and directions.

  • Flutter
  • OpenWeatherMap API
  • Here API

Smart Brain

A web app that recognizes faces of an image.

  • React
  • Redux
  • Clarifai API

Giga Ball

A brick breaking game for iOS.

  • Objective-C
  • SpriteKit
  • Game Center

Color Palette Generator

Great web application that allows the creation of color palette.

  • React
  • Jss
  • Chroma.js

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